ViTAWiN-Publikation im Rahmen der SeGAH 2021

Im Rahmen der SeGAH-Konferenz (International Conference on Serious Games and Applications for Health) vom 4.-6. August 2021 wird Prof. Dr. Jonas Schild das zur Veröffentlichung angenommene Paper „ViTAWiN – Developing Multiprofessional Medical Emergency Training with Mixed Reality“ präsentieren.

Abstract der Publikation:

Multi-user Virtual Reality (VR) has shown potential to provide a secure and collaborative environment for medical emergency training. The actual implementation and effective use of such technology depends on ergonomic (e.g., presence, usability) factors as well as solving challenges concerning the integration into existing training environments and multiple medical professions. This paper explores on how to extend a virtual training environment while addressing two professional groups, i.e., paramedics and emergency nurses. In an iterative and interdisciplinary development case we report on how a comprehensive user-centered requirements analysis leads to the design of multiprofessional medical scenarios applied to an extended VR prototype. A user study with 30 paramedic students and 4 nursing trainees indicates adequate functionality with good usability and confirms effectiveness of our process. Based on our findings we propose a future research agenda concerning social and haptic interactions between trainees and patients for interprofessional medical mixed reality (MR) training.